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Baby Sign Language Basics With Melissa Ayotte

Baby Sign Language Basics With Melissa Ayotte



For parents and caregivers of babies 0 to 2 years old

Baby attendance optional (this is a lecture with Q & A) but please no older siblings.

$20 per family includes laminated signing chart

Learn how to use simple American Sign Language signs to communicate with your pre-verbal, or newly-verbal child.  Babies who use signs are calm, happy children who read sooner, speak sooner, and potty train sooner than non-signing children. (NIH study). Parents and caregivers who teach their babies to sign have a much easier time understanding their child’s wants and needs and listen to far less crying, screaming, and grunting.  This class will cover 20 starter signs and give you all the tools and strategies you will need to jump start your family’s baby signing adventure!